Story Prisma follows the adventures of a young explorer named Ray. In the middle of one of her expeditions, she finds herself in a peculiar situation with a mischievous girl named Fractal. Fractal seeks Ray’s help to find and collect magical masks spread throughout the world of Aura. She lends Ray her dimension changing powers to help her overcome obstacles and puzzles. Accompanied by Ignus, Fractal’s silent confidante, Ray and Fractal set out on a worldwide adventure to discover the hidden masks and their mysterious power. Gameplay On their journey, Ray will need to utilize the power of color-swapping. By default, Ray resides in the "Neutral" dimension, where she does not have any special powers. However, thanks to Fractal, Ray can utilize the powers of colored dimensions!
In “Blue” Ray can jump higher, allowing her to reach unobtainable heights. In “Yellow” she can run faster, allowing her to jump across wider gaps.
In “Red” she can punch through blockades, allowing her to open up new pathways.
Combine the individual powers to overcome challenging puzzles!
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