Shiny Bolt is an Atlanta-based studio formed by graduates from the Savannah College of Art and Design. Prisma is our first game as a company.

Hank Silman
Art Director, Character Artist

One of the original members of team Prisma, Hank has overseen the visual development across all iterations. As the Art Director for Prisma, he has made it a point to purposely go against the grain for what is expected of him in terms of visual design. Hank strives to make

the game’s look appeal across

many generations of players

by making the game capture

the feel-good look that comes

with the classics.

Kyle Bolton
Project Manager, Designer, Programmer

More hair than human, Kyle is one of the original members of the Prisma development team.  He is currently working as an independent contractor with Thrust Interactive, assisting in the design and development of mobile games. Well versed in

tough-as-nails video games,

Kyle strives to make Prisma a

challenging experience worthy

of platforming canon.

Alex Méndez

Designer, QA Manager

As Prisma team’s original third wheel, Alex helped bring Prisma into the 3rd dimension for the first time as a student at SCAD.  He has been helping design levels and trying his hardest to break the game ever since.


In his spare time he can usually

be found playing a wide variety

of games ranging from retro

platformers to simulation

racing games.


Alex Liberatore
Composer, Sound Designer

Alex is a Canadian composer and sound designer based in Italy.  After graduating Berklee College of Music, Alex has done music and sound design for games, feature films, podcasts and a variety of projects worldwide. Joining the team, he is enthusiastic about bringing the

sounds of Prisma to life.

Outside of audio and games,

Alex loves traveling and enjoys

making the rest of the team

play “Where in the World is

Alex Liberatore?”


Khoa Nguyen
Programmer, Technical Artist

Also an alumni from the Savannah College of Art and Design, Khoa likes to work on different parts of the development pipeline, from shaders to particles to programming. He enjoys the variety of effects in Prisma and the different methods to achieve them, always striving

to find more elegant solutions.

Kevin Ridgway

A SCAD alum with experience in not only games, but commercials and a TV show.  He specializes in animation, but also pitches in with modeling and rigging.

Angelica Rodriguez-Vazquez
Content Artist

Angelica creates concept art, 2D and 3D assets, and dabbles in level design. She likes colorful video games, good food, and treasure hunting.

Natalie Rumak
Content Artist

Natalie is currently studying Digital Arts and Computer Science at the University of Florida. As a content artist she works on 3D models, 2D art, texturing, and concept art. Natalie also loves squash, learning random facts about animals and programming.

Brett Reynolds
Business Development

Brett is a demonstrated team leader, skilled mediator, and creative designer with entrepreneurial talents.  He is an upcoming BFA graduate with a record of achievement in both university settings and professional environments.  He is acknowledged for sales

and marketing acumen,

strategic business planning,

and game design.

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